About us

About Us

KC Sport Foundation is a Christian non-profit making organisation registered as KOMBORERAI FOUNDATION TRUST in Zimbabwe.

The main aim is to create a bridge for the disadvantaged children so that they can be able to live their dreams through sports.

We offer a range of sporting disciplines, education and training programmes, including for school leavers and mature students.

Every year we welcome new talent student from across the country and staff too.

We offer high performance sporting disciplines such as Soccer or Football, Athletics, Boxing, Basketball, Baseball, Softball, Cricket, Tennis, Hockey, Rugby, Traditional Sports and many more.

We are also agents of the Athletes, sourcing for professional teams especially in Europe to satisfy the player’s needs.                                

You can use these pages to find out more about KC Sports Foundation, and to explore our activities and events too.


Develop the skills, discipline and strong character necessary for our athletes to reach their highest level of personal growth and performance, while more emphasis is put on the Lordship of Jesus Christ and education.


To be recognised as a world leader in sports talent development and discipleship of the word of God through sport.


Discipleship and Believe in Jesus Christ


Respect and Unity

Christ-like Character

Professionalism, Commitment, Integrity and Transparency

Pursuit of Excellency


Give a man a fishing rode and teach him how to do it, for this is good.

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